Education HUB is an innovative platform that brings together people who bring innovation to Azerbaijani society through socially responsible and sustainability initiatives. We have chosen an innovative approach based on education and social entrepreneurship as tools that have a direct impact. This includes a variety of areas where people can discover their abilities.
Education HUB was established to provide people with all the necessary infrastructure and content to be more creative and effective, to meet the needs that cannot be fully covered in formal education by organizing useful events in this area, meetings with various professionals. As a result, our main goal is to achieve the development of individuals in terms of both theoretical and practical knowledge.
Our long-term goal is to help members of society, especially young people, acquire the necessary skills to take an active part in the decision-making process by identifying the social problems around them. Our approach as Education HUB is different because we take into account the individual needs of our target groups and pay attention to the personal development of each individual.
Education HUB is a platform for learning, networking and collaboration. Currently, Education HUB operates in two main areas: implementation of innovative projects based on non-formal education; improving the social entrepreneurial skills of young people living in the regions.
Our main distinguishing feature is the successful combination of formal and non-formal education.


Who we are ?